Headhunter/Recruitment Services

“Local is a Priority while Price is Not ”  that can describe our vision in order to be a strategic partner.

Based on PTK 18 BPMigas guidline- HRM Oil and gas, hiring national employees is a must if they are capable enough. We have to maximize our effort in order to recruit nationals if we still could not find the right one then we can hire expatriates.

With the vision, we are trusted by Top 10 oil and gas operators companies in Indonesia. We did not give ything special to them except our best efort in order to response thier “needs”.

Not only in O&G operator companies we are expanding into EPC, Mining and other sectors. We are specialist but when you come and need our support we will support you with 12 thousands database locally and huge global databases.

The price is not a big matter we can adjust with company budget and customize our services. We know that range recruitment fee are in 15%-20% but we can come to the preice that you ask based on your service expectation.

Our Services:

1. Headhunter

2. Recruitment services

3. Second tier recruitment service

Do not hesitate to contact me at kkhuluq@fircroft.com and copy to khoirul.recruitment@gmail.com or you can call me at 0817 0169 075


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